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The biggest issues in Oklahoma for hiring and retaining teachers are poor pay and a lack of mentoring and professional development, Bacharach said.In 2012-2013, Oklahoma’s average teacher salary ranked 49th nationally and the lowest in the region.In those cases, I have made note of what site I’m sending you to. So we prepare throughout college and enter our first classrooms shortly thereafter. But then I writing sidetracked me and I ended up with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and several years experience as a newspaper reporter. After giving birth to two wonderful children and spending 10 years helping work at home moms like myself start and manage their businesses, I realized I really enjoy teaching. The first option: Go back to school and earn a teaching degree, either a second bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. College degrees cost lots of money and I’m still paying for the first one.Then, there are those of use who take a less direct path. The second option: Parlay my bachelor’s degree and subsequent newspaper experience into a alternative certification.The UCO Special Education “Boot Camp" (HB1233) is the state of Oklahoma’s current answer to the shortage of teachers for special education students.HB1233 is designed to allow individuals who have always wished to teach the states most wonderful population an opportunity to fulfill a dream.This option provided to be much less expensive, though it required some commitment and a bit of cash.

After you’ve passed the OGET, you can take the Oklahoma Subject Area Competency Examination(s) related to your field of study and work experience. You’ll need to mail in the card, along with the application for the Teacher Competency Review Panel, your current resume (again), a written explanation of why you want to be a teacher and a 0 application fee. You’ll need to go before the review panel for an interview.

Students will come to the University of Central Oklahoma with a Provisional Certification.

Joining the Oklahoma Education Association is your best opportunity to protect yourself from liability, to improve public education and to safeguard the future of our children.

Oklahoma has seen an explosion in the number of teachers applying for emergency classroom certification, meaning more districts are relying on teachers to teach subjects they are not fully trained for.

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The Oklahoma State Department of Education has received 280 applications for emergency certifications, also called exemptions, since July. Teachers applying for the exemption must be working toward receiving their regular teaching certification in the given subject.

Individuals who do not have a current degree, or certification in special education now have an opportunity to enter this in-demand field.