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There are many cases where a developer needs to change the dialogs that are shown to the end-user when he's creating a new document or folder, or renaming an existing one.In the default CMS installation those dialogs provide for setting many properties, like the name of the document, the url, and if this is a new and translated folder, then also the locale to use.In the first versions of the Folder Workflow Plugin, the Dialogs created for adding and renaming documents are implemented as inner public classes of the plugin itself.This has the drawback that in order to override the dialogs, you need to actually make a copy of the whole plugin class; there's not even any use in extending from the plugin. Set In this example, we want to restrict the user regarding the naming of folders. Wicket Ajax Reference.class org.apache.calldecorator. Ajax Call Decorator.class org.apache.calldecorator. Ajax Call Throttling Decorator.class org.apache.calldecorator. Ajax Postprocessing Call Decorator.class org.apache.calldecorator. Ajax Preprocessing Call Decorator.class org.apache.calldecorator. Cancel Event If No Ajax Decorator.class org.apache.form. By default Wicket shows error messages together in a single place in the HTML form.On the web, Wicket has mostly positive buzz, but JSF seems to be hated by many (See Before I start, it should be noted that many of the frustrations and limitations of JSF discussed around the web have been have been addressed in version 2.0.

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The result is cleaner HTML, but messier Java code with an inner class.

MF META-INF/NOTICE META-INF/maven/org.apache.wicket/wicket/pom.properties META-INF/maven/org.apache.wicket/wicket/org.apache.wicket.